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Delicious appetizers to get your meal started right!


Nachos con Frijoles

Nachos con Carne

Nachos con Pollo

Nachos con Carne o Pollo y Frijoles

Beef or chicken with beans.

Bean Dip

Cheese Dip

Guacamole Dip

Guacamole Ranchero

Fresh cubed avocado, pico de allo and lime served with crackers.

Bean dip with Chorizo

Chori Cheese Dip

Seafood Dip

Imitation crab meat and shrimp cooked with pico de gallo and mixed with cheese sauce.

Crazy Fries

Cheese Sticks (7)

Chicken Wings

Appetizer Sampler

Spinach Dip

Fajita Nachos

Chicken or steak fajitas cooked with tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers. Served on a gigantic bed of crispy tortilla chips and cheese sauce.

Nachos Supreme

Beef, chicken, and beans topped with cheese, served with lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, and guacamole.